• Designing a logo other than a simple text logo.
  • Additional pages over the initial 10 are $10.00 and up.
  • Editing your graphics other than resizing (removing backgrounds, etc).
  • More than one contact form.
  • Drop Down Menu
  • More than one layout for home page vs inside pages.
  • More than 6 images in content area of each page.
  • Adding additional features like custom search, slideshows, etc.
  • Setting up a blog as the website.
  • Pages longer than 3 clicks and/or a lot of extra images, graphics, etc.
  • Setting up redirects from other domains to current domain.
  • Text sent in hard copy that needs to be typed in.
  • Highlighting first letter (or word) in all paragraphs.
  • Continually changing the content before the site is online.
  • Shopping cart*
  • Hosting, domain fees or extra software (you pay to host or author)
  • Maintenance after the site is finished is available at $30 per hour.

*The shopping cart set up price varies depending on if you have an online merchant account or prefer PayPal or some other ecommerce method. Some hosts provide free cart software for increased hosting rates or you can buy the software yourself and save on future hosting.


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